Jew World Order

"Natty Dread rides Again....."

International Jewry sits at the very pinnacle of power on Earth.

Their world base and headquarters is located in the very heart of 'The City' of London, UK, the world's premiere global financial capital. The JEWISH House of Rothschild has amassed untold trillions over the centuries rendering it, by far, the wealthiest and most powerful transnational empire on Earth. In a word, International Jewry rules the world.

This Leviathan has its tentacles spread into nearly every major lever of power, control and wealth creation on Earth; the international banking cartel, the global media/propaganda empire, global oil and natural gas industries, the world's military and intelligence agencies and establishments, global communications and agricultural empires, the world's premiere educational, medical, pharmaceutical and research corporations, institutions and facilities, global transportation, construction, marketing, retail and insurance conglomerates, energy, water, publishing, tourist, manufacturing, mining interests etc etc...

The Jewish controlled Global Corporate Empire is, of course, nutured, defended and sustained by politicians and political establishments in almost all nations throughout the globe, particularily in the United States and Israel, both power-base extensions of primary international jewish authority eminating from London. Both play a crucial "praetorian guard" role militarily in force projection terms, particularily the United States, which is completely controlled and run by international jewry (AIPAC, PNAC etc), from top to bottom, taking on the role of global policeman for the International Jewish Corporate Empire and based a safe continent away to the West. As a tribute to its stealth and cleverness, International Jewry strives to deceptively evoke and deflect conflict, identification and accusation away from its home base, so as to ensure maximum global operational security and transparency from its largely hidden, safeguarded, 'patina of democratic' haven in London.

As the prime instigators of the JEWISH Holocaust of World War 2, they have also deliberately and insidiously created an "anti-semitic" shield around their Empire, ensuring that any criticisms or challenges to their legitimacy as global overlords are conscientiously prohibited, invalidated and criminalized (as hate speech) on the spot. This move in and of itself should show just how EVIL these 'wooley hairs' are in the global affairs of mankind, for this shield has been cunningly bought with the blood of 6 million of their fellow jews.

International Jewry have also been the prime funders, researchers and developers of nuclear weapons this past half century. Oppenheimer, Teller and Cohen (all jews) created the atomic, hydrogen and nuetron bombs, respectively. The primary raison d'etre of these weapons is to protect Empire and nuetralize any real internal and/or external threat to its existence, plain and simple.

That the American and Israeli "praetorian guard" militaries are owned, funded, run and operated by International Jewry is practically a given, while European NATO forces protect the EU homeland (of which the International Jewish London HQ resides) from within and without. These countries weapons developments and militaries are, of course, sold to their respective citizenry as essential tools needed in order to protect the homeland against any and all threats from abroad- most recently by using and promoting the phony, hyped-up, so-called, "war on terror"- literally terrorizing the citizenry (with FEAR) into submission and compliance to the diabolical decrees of the State.

The recent US Patriot and Military Commissions Acts passed in the United States is unmistakably a move to control, coopt and criminalize domestic and international dissent and armed rebellion against the Jew World Order, 9/11 being the "reichstag" watershed event used to establish the presence, operability and authority of a fascist police state and intelligence apparatus into every nook and cranny of the International Jewish Empire. The most prominant and effective dissidents of this new planetary "4th Reich" will undoubtedly become the primary targets and victims of this new global neo-stalinist "purge". Black lists, green lists, red lists, concentration camps, legalized torture, detention without trial, summary executions etc, etc... were all tools used by historical despots and tyrannies of the past. So are these same tools, in like manner, poised today to be used to effectively establish a monolithic jewish controlled world government and messianic dictate to be.

In evolutionary and spiritual/religious terms, the principalities of centralized world government and emerging planetary authority figures are the culmination of a long and ardous human historical struggle, longing and maturation for an advanced world civilizational utopia- a literal kingdom of heaven on Earth.

The fact that it is the JEWISH race that is fullfilling this endeavor speaks volumes to the historical, scriptural, religious and theological heritage of the jewish people, per se'.

In turn, the interdimensional, metaphysical and semitic characteristics of a centralized jewish controlled world governmental order and empire is highly revelational in its own accord.

If we take the 7 colors of the rainbow as a cosmic "template" for us to articulate and comprehend the 7-fold interdimensional matrix of reality that surrounds us as Universe, and intersect this with the frequency, vibration, sound and light physics of energy, consciousness and intelligence (levels), throw in a little sprinkling of the finite nature of space and time and the intangible spectre of infinity, we can begin to discern the existence of a spiritual heirarchy above 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensional reality (of which human beings occupy). A 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th dimensional "house" of sorts, for higher intelligent life forms, defined as the black lodge, white lodge, inner circle and God domains of consciousness and being, respectively, becomes apparent. Enter the fallen angelic semitic scriptural narrative of "the Fall", and we have a negative departmental dominion of which we can identify and make interpretation. As one moves up the energy and light frequency ladder, the 4th dimension on up becomes invisible, due to its hyper-exicited atomic state, and turns into the house or domain of the lower demonic 'black lodge' (for lack of a better term). In contemporary 3rd dimensional terms, these are the spirits that overshadow and possess conservative right wing christians. As we move up to the 5th dimensional higher frequency angelic 'white lodge', we find that these are the spirits who influence and channel consciousness into the modern New Age movement. The 6th dimension holds the elders and overlords of the heirarchies below and is chaired by a central anti-messiah figure. The highest 7th heaven is the domain of Lucifer, the prince of the fallen heavenly angelic host and the supreme power and authority of the air on Earth at this time. Such can be interpreted as the Kingdom of Hell, albeit a false Kingdom of Heaven that International jewry will attempt to externalize into existence here at the end of human history. The Jews will finially have the Coming of their Messiah as their New World Leader (that which they have long prayed for), however, he will be a False Messiah, traditionally known in the christian vernacular as the dreaded Anti-Christ.

Metaphysics aside, a Jewish World Order WILL be successful to a degree, as it will have the tacitly engineered support and approval of the spiritually bankrupt, brainwashed, and coerced masses that this End-Time Empire will eventually and definatively enslave. Like lemmings or lambs led to the slaughter, most will submit to deceptional temporal political and religious authority. However, the margin of defeat for International Jewry will be those who submit to the Highest Authority: Almighty God, through His Son Jesus Christ, on inspiriation, guidance and strength from the Holy Spirit. These are the "remnant" or "body of Christ" with whom International Jewry are at war with (even now).

The good news is that there is ANOTHER Kingdom occupying our Universe, beyond time and space, hidden in eternity, omnipresent and omnipotent, all Supreme in Authority, Intelligence and Creation. It is a REAL Jewish World Order known as the Kingdom of Heaven and headed by the REAL Jesus Christ, the true and righteous head of International Jewry, our true Messiah, given ALL power and authority by Almighty God to rule, reign and judge all those now on Earth. It is Jesus Christ, himself a Jew, who is to completely overthrow, burn and annihilate (in Hell) the current temporal Jew World Order that now serves Lucifer and his false Messiah (the Anti-Christ) at this final Hour.

Once THIS Stargate opens, its Judgement Day.

Wither shalt thou flee O' children of Hell.... for the End of your World comes Quickly.


Jonas the Prophet
Planet Earth


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